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Website Standards

All websites and web applications at BYU should adhere to these standards.

Security and Privacy

Information security and privacy standards are maintained by BYU’s Chief Information Security Officer (CISO). Security standards cover endpoint, server, application, database, and cloud security.

Applicable policy: Information Security and Appropriate Use Policy

Standards: Minimum Security Controls for IT Resources


Web accessibility standards are recommended by the University Accessibility Center and established by BYU’s Student Life Vice President. These standards cover all content presented on a web site or web application.

Applicable policy: Accommodation of Persons with Disabilities at BYU Policy

Standard: Level AA within WCAG 2.1 Guidelines


Branding standards are established by BYU’s Advancement Vice President.

Standards: BYU Brand Guide

Implementing Procedures

BYU Websites (Brightspot) is the university's standard solution for meeting each of the policies and standards listed above. Please contact the BYU Websites Manager ( to schedule your website migration or to ask further questions.