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How To Use Content on Multiple Sites

Note: For this to work, you will need to be an admin of multiple sites. You CANNOT do this unless you have access to all of the sites that you would like these Tags to be on.

Give Access

There is an ability in Brightspot to share tags or other content with other sites and allow them to use the shared content. To set this up, you will need to go to each piece of content you would like shared with another site and go to the righthand sidebar. Here, under Access, you can add the sites that also should have access to the content.

You will need to select the other site(s) to which you would like to give access to the selected piece of content. Please select every site that you like to access this content.

Finding the Shared Content

Once you have given access to the content, you will need to go to the site where you would like to add the content. In the search bar or any place where you search for content, there will be a Misc Filters option. Below that it will have a dropdown with the site name being displayed. Whatever site is currently selected, is the site where it is searching for content. To find the shared content, you will need to select the site that owns the content that you have shared. Once you select that site that content will then appear in your results.

This process will need to be repeated for every piece of content that you would like shared. For Tags, if you share a tag, it may or may not show all content associated with the tag. For example, if a tag was attached to 5 articles, you might need to give access to the tag AND give each article access to the site you are sharing to for them to show up.