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Alerts are used to emphasize a current issue or inform viewers.

What you need to know about Brightspot alerts

Alerts do not appear as a content type in Brightspot. However, below are a few examples of where and how alerts have been displayed across some of our BYU sites.

1. BYU Home Page Example

Below is a screenshot of the BYU home page that uses rich text content type to display a banner right below the top image. The rich text content doesn't display any text or images, just a button with a background to help highlight the alert.

2. BYU News Example

Below is a second example of an alert using a promo with an image to call out the biggest headlines. This promo is found under "Promo - Full Width - Large."

3. Notification Alert

Below is an example of a "Promo - Notification." Typically these appear at the top of a page. Once a viewer clicks the x in the top right corner, the banner disappears.

Looking for COVID-19 information? Click this notification to view the most recent updates.

4. Quote Alert

Below is an alert created using a pull quote content type called "Quote, Fullwidth."

"At those times when you wonder if there is any reason to hope, when you wonder if anyone cares—or if anyone should care—I invite you to ask God what He thinks of you—what He really thinks of you."