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Feature Guides

These are the main articles about major Brightspot functions.

Access Restriction

October 15, 2020 04:23 PM
Limit who can see content


By BYU Sites October 30, 2020 10:32 AM
Articles are one of the most used content types. They are similar to a page but much more simplified
and only allow a Rich Text module for content. However, they offer specific features such as the ability to add authors, subheadlines, and posted update tracking to the article.

Asides and Belows

October 30, 2020 11:16 AM
Aside and Below options allow, as the names state, putting modules aside or below the main content of a page as seen below. It allows links and other information to be displayed as a quick way to navigate through the site.


November 02, 2020 10:55 AM
Sometimes you will need to have files or images uploaded in order for users to access them. Brightspot makes this very easy to do!

Bulk Upload

October 01, 2020 02:01 PM
As a Brightspot user, you can bulk upload Articles, Events, Images, and Attachments.

Calendars and Events

October 30, 2020 10:28 AM
A great Brightspot feature is being able to add events and calendars to your webpages. These make it easy to keep track of and make users aware of the exciting new happenings that are going on in your field. Here you can see how to create a calendar, how to create an event and how to display the two different content types on your page.

Content Templates

November 13, 2020 11:16 AM
Add standard layout and content for a specific content type

Customization and CSS

November 02, 2020 11:00 AM
Brightspot allows content creators to modify the actual page with raw HTML, CSS, and Javascript if specific and custom changes need to occur to the site. This will not be a tutorial on HTML/CSS/JS but rather how to set up the module to start making specific, custom changes to your content.


January 27, 2021 12:15 PM
The dashboard is the place to streamline your site editing. It can be customized for a site, a role, or for a particular user.

Digital Signage

October 21, 2020 01:32 PM
Host your digital sign content from your website

Directory and Employees

November 06, 2020 10:51 AM
Employees can be set to be automatically ingested into your site or can be manually created if need be. Once you have employees we can set up pages to display employees for your site. This guide will explore how to ingest employees automatically, modify employees, and how to set up a page of employees.


November 06, 2020 10:54 AM
Footers are the very bottom of any webpage that displays information (usually a logo or contact information). Creating a custom footer allows for a more personalized webpage.


November 06, 2020 10:56 AM
April 2022 Update: Due to recent attempts to hack the site through the Brightspot forms, please make sure to add CAPTCHA to all forms that are created OR put the form behind CAS authentication.


November 06, 2020 10:57 AM
A header will help your site become easy to navigate and keep websites more uniform across the BYU site.

Help and Training

April 22, 2022 11:00 AM
The BYU Websites Team has created a lot of training and help content so that you can create your site as smoothly as possible.

Images and Videos

November 06, 2020 11:02 AM
Images and Videos are critical components of any webpage. However, importing videos and images can have more settings than one realizes.


November 06, 2020 11:05 AM
Lists allow you to display lists of content in different ways to give a unique look to your site while allowing clear and concise information to be displayed to a user.


November 06, 2020 11:09 AM
Setting up proper navigation for a user is critical when creating your site. You want your site to flow from page to page so that users can easily navigate and understand where to go to find information that they need.


April 19, 2022 10:47 AM
Brightspot does not have a shopping cart or payment processing system, and linking directly to a checkout process from Brightspot is not allowed. You can, however, link to a Transact shopping cart, charge a student account, or use Mendix for a portion of your site.


November 06, 2020 11:11 AM
Promos allow you to "beautify" your links and content on Brightspot with photos, short descriptions, and a layout that will help users understand and be more likely to click on your content. Headers of pages make great promos, as they are able to display full-width photos and links and make the page look professional.

Revisions and History

November 06, 2020 11:13 AM
Brightspot gives the capability to modify a published page and save it without having to publish it right away. It can also set launch dates for content needed to be published in the future.

Rich Text

November 06, 2020 11:15 AM
The Rich Text module allows for powerful customization for the body of your Brighspot page, whether it is a simple block of text or large document like blocks that include images, forms and links to other sites.


October 01, 2020 04:21 PM
Brightspot allows you to set a future date for content to be published or removed.


November 06, 2020 11:17 AM
The search content type creates a custom search bar that has many powerful search functions, perfect for customizing to the needs of your page or site.


November 06, 2020 11:20 AM
Sometimes sites are large and have many pages included within. Sections are Brightspots way to help organize these many pages to keep your site organized.

Shared Modules

November 06, 2020 11:22 AM
Shared modules are modules that are created and be shared across the site on any page. With shared modules, you can make it once, then copy it over to as many pages as you need.

Sharing Content Between Sites

March 02, 2021 11:01 AM
One of Brightspot's strengths is sharing content within an instance (which means within our BYU Brightspot sites). That means that a college can feature articles from BYU News that relate to that college, and departments can do the same with articles from the college or from BYU News.

Site Publishing

November 06, 2020 11:26 AM
You've been hard at work, making your website just how you want it, and now you're ready to make it live! Congratulations! To make a site live just takes a few simple steps.

Sites and Settings

November 06, 2020 11:28 AM
If you have administrative rights to a website, you should have access to the Sites and Settings area. Access it by clicking the menu button at the top left of any screen and opening the Admin area. From here you can control most site-wide settings.

Social Feeds

September 28, 2020 10:13 AM
Show your recent Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram posts.

Starting a Site

November 06, 2020 11:32 AM


November 06, 2020 11:34 AM
Tags are words or phrases used for organizing or marking related content. They can help in sorting, searching, and filtering content.


March 01, 2021 09:13 PM
There are a couple of different types of templates available in Brightspot: Content Templates and Content Forms.


November 09, 2020 09:02 AM
You can create alternate language versions of your pages in Brightspot. You essentially need to rebuild your site in each language you want to use, but once it's set up it becomes easy to manage the versions in Brightspot.

URLs and Redirects

September 28, 2020 04:57 PM
Basic URLs

User Permissions

September 21, 2021 05:36 PM
Manage site hierarchies, permission sets, and user roles.


October 01, 2020 10:27 AM
Workflows allow you to set specific steps in publishing content. These steps can be tied to user roles and permissions.


November 13, 2020 11:07 AM
A streamlined way to edit a lot of content