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This information applies to online transactions, using credit card or electronic check.

No Payments in Brightspot

Brightspot does not have a payment module or a direct connection to any systems that process payments. If your site needs to accept payments, see the Payment Options below.

No Direct Links to Payments in Brightspot

One further restriction with Brightspot is that a Brightspot site cannot link directly to a checkout or payment page. These links can create a security risk, and PCI regulations prohibit them from Brightspot (because it is not PCI certified).

Payment Options

Transact Payments (formerly Cashnet)

This is the primary payment processing system for BYU websites. A Brightspot site can link directly to a Transact Storefront (not a checkout page), where people choose the products they wish to purchase before moving to the Transact checkout screens.

Learn more about Transact Payments

BYU Accounts (My Financial Center)

A charge can be sent to a BYU student account without PCI implications, since no credit card information is transferred in that process.

Sites built in Mendix

Mendix is fully PCI certified, so if the Transact Storefront does not work for your site, you have the option of building an order page or shopping cart in Mendix and having it link directly to Transact for checkout only.

If you want to keep most of your content in Brightspot, the BYU Mendix theme also follows the BYU web branding standards, so transitions between the platforms are relatively seamless. For a URL, you can create a subdomain of your site for your Mendix application.