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Documentation & Training


Quick Start Tutorials

If you want to get up to speed as a Brightspot website editor, this is the place to start. Both video and text tutorials included for each topic.

Editing and Publishing Tutorials

How to manage and publish content in Brightspot. If you run or contribute to a site, find topics to help you here.

Multi-site Administration Tutorials

Topics for site category admins. Create new sites, manage users and roles, or update site settings.


Feature Guides

In-depth articles about many of the most important features of Brightspot. [Work in progress: some of these articles are incomplete right now.]

UI Demo

Examples of most Brightspot modules and styles, including buttons, galleries, lists, navigation, promos, and much more.

Brightspot Documentation

The Brightspot website has good documentation for many standard features. It's a good place to start if you're looking for how to do something specific.


User Group Meeting Recordings

Recordings of the monthly user group demo meetings, covering new Brightspot features and other important topics.

Brightspot Developer Webinars

Back-end and front-end Brightspot development.