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Quick Start Tutorials

1. Sign In

Go to Sign in with BYU Net ID. See your dashboard if you have access to Brightspot websites, or an empty screen if you haven't been given access yet.

2. Use the Dashboard

Learn the general functions of the Quick Start, Recent Activity, Upload, Scheduled Events, Unpublished Drafts, and Workstreams panels in the Brightspot dashboard.

3. Create a Page

Learn the basics of creating a new page in Brightspot. Add title, description, and content. Set a URL or redirect. Understand the lead and content areas.

4. Add an Image

Get general image guidelines, add an image (with relevant metadata) to the shared image library, and edit an image's focus or cropping.

5. Place an Image on a Page

Add an image to the lead area of a page, add an image to a rich text area, and edit the display of the image within the rich text area.

6. Add an Image While Editing

If you're in the middle of editing a page you don't want to go back to the dashboard to add an image before you can use it in your page. Brightspot has you covered.

7. Work with Promos

Promos are some of the building blocks of Brightspot. Whenever you want to refer to another page using its title, description or image, Brightspot helps you by automatically pulling that information into a promo.

8. Work with Lists

Use Brightspot Lists to display a list of promos. These can be dynamically generated to show things like the most recent articles, or finely controlled to specify exactly which items appear in which order.