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Upcoming development work in Brightspot

In Progress

  • Upgrade to Brightspot 4.2.37 - will give us better API access to Brighspot content
  • Privacy Policy implementation - hides employee contact info from users who are not signed in if the employee has info set as private; replaces it with department contact info
  • Add book content type (similar format to the Brightspot Documentation, with multiple nesting levels and sidebar navigation)


  • Add month to event list displays if an event is more than a month away
  • Flip Card
  • Icon Map
  • Gallery - Make lightbox images bigger
  • Gallery - Improve carousel designs
  • Timeline feature
  • Gallery widget - option for thumbnail view instead of carousel
  • Performance Improvements

Recently Finished

  • Fix the default role so new users don't see all sites
  • Finish advanced user search so that admins can see who has access to a particular site
  • Allow admins to see who has access to a particular site (there is still some data cleanup needed to make this feature useful)
  • Update department directory capabilities
  • Improve newsletter content type for Y News archive - make newsletters taggable and sectionable

    See earlier Release History (2019–2022)