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Upcoming development work in Brightspot

Recently Finished

  • June 11 - Send email response to users after they've filled out a form
  • June 5 - Only allow users to be listed in one role
  • May 28 - Prevent navigation item from showing if user does not have access to the page
  • May 28 - Import data from RSS feed to external content item
  • May 1 - Option to show confirmation on page of what has been submitted in a form
  • May 1 - Vertical image list style
  • Apr 23 - Easily set up roles to only access a certain section of a site
  • Apr 23 - Allow users to edit their own employee page (if ingested from API)
  • Apr 23 - Allow people to display a contact form in place of their email address
  • Apr 17 - Site search results dashboard widget to highlight unsuccessful searches
  • Apr 17 - Add toggles to show/hide “Photo by”
  • Apr 9 - Add SEO tools for pages and articles
  • Apr 9 - Bulk upload articles from a spreadsheet
  • Apr 9 - Add a toggle at page level and site level to prevent the aside content from coming up into the lead
  • Mar 12 - Photoshelter (BYU Photo) integration
  • Mar 12 - Allow grouping of form fields
  • Mar 12 - Update button styles
  • Feb 26 - Add more controls to specify which users should be able to access authenticated Brightspot content
  • Feb 19 - Make it easy to specify which employee fields should appear on promos in a site (reduce the need for copying content into the short description)
  • Feb 11 - Add ability to customize urls (permalink and redirects) of attachments
  • Feb 11 - Scheduled archiving of content

Upcoming work (Q2 2020)

  • Add a search/filter bar that will filter items in a list on the page
  • Import faculty profile data (data is finally connected to Brightspot, and work should be finished by end of April)
  • Migrate Extramurals website
    • Create Athlete and Coach content types
    • Create schedule module
    • Create athletic event list style
    • Copy sites
  • Library discovery project (Brightspot experts to evaluate site and make recommendations on general architecture and UX as well as how to best transition to Brightspot)

Further Plans (later 2020)

  • Create a BYU intranet to replace MyBYU