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Upcoming development work in Brightspot

Current work

Video Lead

Allow video to appear full-width in the lead position and auto-play. Titles overlaying video optional.

External Content Module

A new module that enables the creation of shared links to external content. This module will be sectionable and taggable in order to show up in dynamic lists.

Upcoming work - Fall 2019


  • Alternate header designs (blue/white and image overlay designs based on style guide)
  • Add Sidebar list style navigation template (using code from
  • Add Calendar grid layout for events listing

New Features

  • Button content type: user can add a button with the rich text editor or create a list of multiple buttons
  • Provide easier way for external users to submit events
  • Move ability to add aside list to the main tab (from Overrides tab)
  • Add basic reporting dashboard with most-common search terms

Module Updates

  • Support A/B Testing of Promo modules
  • Support Rich text within accordion lists
  • Improved Table support: allow an editor to prevent line breaks mid-word in cells, make the table scrollable when too wide for screen, remove CSS requiring all columns to be an equal width, add the ability to select header styling on a row


Major Site Migrations


Further Plans

These items are expected in the future but are not scheduled yet.


  • Updated layout for Y Facts page (
  • Alternate home page design for special events

Major Site Migrations

  • College of Physical and Mathematical Sciences (early 2020)