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The dashboard is the place to streamline your site editing. It can be customized for a site, a role, or for a particular user.

Brightspot dashboard documentation

Standard Dashboard

BYU's default dashboard is set at the university level. It includes a Quick Start bar with some of the most commonly used content types, and widgets below.

Screen Shot 2021-02-02 at 10.15.05 AM.png

  • Quick Start can be edited by any user to remove content types from the list or to add frequently edited content. See Brightspot quick start documentation.
  • Recent Activity shows content items with the most recently added or edited at the top. It can be filtered by site, content type, author, or content status (draft, published, archived, or revision). Revisions to content appear as separate entries to published content until they are published.
  • Unpublished Drafts is a dedicated window for your works in progress.
  • Upload allows you to drag and drop images, videos, and attachments (files like PDF or Word documents). You can drop one or multiple items
  • Personal Employee gives a link to a BYU employee's public directory profile page. If you do not have a public profile page, you'll see a message that says "No employee associated with Net ID..." For more information, see Directory
  • Brightspot Help includes links to BYU's Brightspot help and tutorial pages.
  • Site Search Queries shows recent words and phrases that have been searched using the site search, along with their frequency of use, the number of results returned for that search, and the number of unsuccessful searches.
  • Scheduled Events gives a calendar view of items that are scheduled to be published in the near future. See Scheduling.
  • Workstreams allow you to easily edit a list of content items. The widget allows you to view, start, continue, stop, or remove workstreams. See Workstreams.

Custom Dashboard

Dashboard site settings
Screen Shot 2021-01-29 at 11.49.00 AM.png
Screen Shot 2021-01-29 at 11.47.30 AM.png