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Slideshow-like display of images and text.

What you need to know about Brightspot galleries

Currently, there are only two types of galleries available. There are four options for content: basic, dynamic, advanced, or use an existing gallery. Basic content is static and only contains what is manually selected. Dynamic content can change automatically to display something like the most recent stories.

1. Default Gallery

This is the gallery component called "Carousel (Default)." You can add a gallery title and change the color of both the title text and the text below the dark gray background.

2. Full-Width Gallery

Below is the gallery component called "Carousel - Full Width."

On a smaller screen, the background will expand the width of the screen with the scroll buttons on the sides of the image. On larger screens, this background width may appear the exact same as the example above. You can change the text color and alignment to be either left justified (default) or right justified.

3. Masonic Grid Gallery (Full Page)

To create a Masonic Grid Gallery page:

  1. Click in the search field at the top of the dashboard.
  2. The search results page will open up with a grey sidebar on the left. Under "Create" (at the bottom of that sidebar), select "Gallery" and then click the "New" button.
  3. A new page will open for creating a Gallery page. Add the required Headline.
  4. Under "Gallery Page Styles," go to Template and change "Automatic" to "Gallery Page."
  5. In the sub-styles options that open up, change Gallery Page Style from "Default" to "Masonry Gallery."
  6. Scroll back up to Items and either upload your photos files ("Upload Files") or add existing ones ("Add Item").
    1. It's easiest to mass upload photos from the dashboard, using the "Upload" box on the right.
  7. Publish!