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Push Events to Another Brightspot Calendar

The video above explains how to set up a site to receive pushed events and how to push events to that site. If you are pushing events to the university calendar, it is already set up to receive pushed events.

Pushing events is different from sharing events with another calendar.

When you share events with another site, you allow promos for your events to appear in lists on that site. When you click on a link to an event, it directs you back to the site that published the event. For example, a department site might share events with the college site. If someone clicks on the event on the college site, they'll be directed to the event page on the department site.

When you push events to another calendar, you create a copy of your event on that other site. Setting the event to push with updates will ensure that any changes you make to the event on your site will be reflected everywhere you've pushed it. For example, a department might push an event to the university calendar. If someone clicks on a link to the event on the university calendar site, they'll see the event page on the university calendar.

In most cases, sharing events is preferred over pushing events. This reduces duplication and complexity. However, if site editors prefer to approve events before they're published, then pushing events is better. At BYU, allowing everyone to share directly to the university calendar could create
problems, so events are pushed rather than shared there.

Set up a site to receive pushed events

  1. Openthe Brightspot editor interface (
  2. Open the site where you want to push your content.
  3. Click the menu button in the top left.
  4. Open the Admin section if it is not already open yet.
  5. Click Sites and Settings to open the site settings page
  6. Scroll down to the Shared Content section and open it.
  7. Toggle the Accept Pushed Content switch on.
  8. Click the + Add Push Share Type link.
  9. Set the Type of content to Event.
  10. Set the Sites to the sites that should be able to push content to this site.
  11. Scroll down to Available Update Modes and click + Add.
  12. Choose the update mode or modes you want. Make sure to put the primary update mode in the first position.
  13. Click Save at the bottom of the screen.

Push an event to another site

  1. Create a new event or open a previously created event in the Brightspot editor interface.
  2. If the event will be shared with the university calendar, toggle the Submit to University Calendar switch on. This specifies that the appropriate university leaders have approved the event as specified in the Speakers and Events Policy. This policy states that in most cases "...any event that (1) is intended for an audience broader than a single college or educational support unit, (2) will be open to the media, or (3) is planned to be streamed publicly or recorded to be shown online, event organizers must obtain approvals from the applicable department chair or director and from the applicable dean or executive director. Once these approvals are obtained, approval must be obtained from the responsible vice president..." (see the full policy for exceptions).
  3. Click the Publish button in the top right to publish your event.
  4. Click the gear icon in the top right corner (next to the publish button) to open the event menu.
  5. Click Push with Updates in the menu list.
  6. In the Share Content window, use the dropdown menu to choose the site where you want to push your event.
  7. Click Share Content.
  8. You should see a banner above the event indicating that it has been pushed to the site you specified.