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How do I Setup CAPTCHA on my Brightspot Form?

Setting up CATPCHA in Brightspot involves two steps. Firstly, setting up a Google ReCAPTCHA account. Secondly, linking that account to Brightspot.


To setup a reCAPTHCA account visit here Login with a Google or Gmail account. Then enter the following info.

Label: The name for this account
reCAPTCHA Type: Please choose V2, Brightspot does NOT support V3.
Domain: Add your site URL base. This means if your form was on you would enter "". Do not enter the full URL of the form, but the base URL for your site.

Then accept the services. After you have completed filling out the information, Google will give you a client and secret key that you will need to connect to Brightspot.

Linking to Brightspot

Once in Brightspot go to the Sites and Settings link under the Admin tab on the lefthand side of the menu. Then, go to the Front-End tab at the top. Scoll down until you get to Form CAPTCHA. Then follow these steps:

1. Click on the dropdown and click on New.
2. Copy over your Client and Secret keys to the corresponding lines.
3. Save.
4. When you're back, make sure that the new Form CAPTCHA is selected and then scoll down to save the settings.

If your site is not yet launched, you will get an error message on your form. This is completely normal. The CAPTCHA will not function until the site is launched.