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How do I setup Google Analytics for my site?

To setup Analytics you will first need to create a Google Analytics account, and then link that account to Brightspot.

Creating the Account

To create the Google Analytics account visit here: This will have you either create or login to a Google account. Once created, it will give you a tracking ID. This is important, you will use it in the next step!

Linking in Brightspot

In Brightspot go to Sites and Settings on the left-hand menu and following these steps:

1.Click on the Front-End tab.
2. Scroll until  Integrations, then click on the add button, and select Google Analytics from the list.
3. In the Tracking ID field, enter the tracking ID that you received after creating your account.

4. Make sure that the Disabled toggle is off.
(Note: It seems like the more recent accounts require the Gtag to be on. If Analytics is not working after 24 hours, enable the Gtag).
5. Scroll down to the bottom to save the settings.

Again, this may take up to 24 hours to take effect.