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Users and Roles Update

To better serve so many users with so many sites on Brightspot, we're updating how permissions and managed.

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Photo by Aaron Cornia/BYU

Current Issues

Up to this point, we've used the Site Category Users and Roles page to manage permissions in Brightspot. There are a few drawbacks to this current system.

  • A user can only have a single role, which can make things difficult when someone should have rights to sites in different areas, or different rights to different sites.
  • User management has been limited to a few administrators with elevated site category roles.
  • There is no way to see what rights an individual user has—it's all managed in the role (which can be a little buggy sometimes)
  • Managing groups of sites has been a little tricky with only a single level of site grouping.
  • Each role is separately defined, which means there is no standard set of access areas for site owners, editors, etc.


The new Brightspot user management system aims to solve these problems.

  • Users can have more than one set of permissions.
  • More people can administer users. For example, site owners now have the ability to see and manage everyone with access to their site.
  • Rights are managed at the user level rather than only with roles
  • Site groups are now hierarchical (and can follow the university structure), so someone with college administration rights can manage sites in department site groups.
  • There are standard permission sets, so all site administrators can have the same set of rights, and that set can be managed and changed centrally if needed.


Under the Admin tab in the Brightspot menu you may notice a new Users area. This will be new for most users, or it will replace the site category user administration page for those who previously had those rights. Information on how to use this new system are found in the links below.

Tutorial: How to Assign User Permissions
Feature guide: User Permissions

Migration Troubleshooting

This change has required us to migrate all previous roles to the new user management system. We've automated, checked, and double-checked, but there may be places where our migration wasn't perfect. If your access has changed unexpectedly or if you run into any other trouble, please send a message to