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Displaying content in an aside module.

What you need to know about Brightspot sidebars

Sidebars are built in the "Aside/Below" section of Brightspot which appears after the main content section and is therefore separate from the page content.

Two popular sidebar modules shown on the left of this text are list items called "List Card - Links" and "List - Links."

Both appear in their default state, however, background color and text color can be changed in both components. There is also a toggle in both style settings that allows a search bar to be added to the top of the sidebar.

The "List Card - Links" component has more customization available including text alignment, divider style, divider color, or the option to add a logo.

Other toggles within the "Aside/Below" section include aligning the sidebar with the right side of the page, collapsing the sidebar on mobile devices, and aligning the sidebar with the page content so it sits below the header. The "List - Links" component typically looks best if this last option is toggled and the sidebar appears below the header.